Created On: 29 May 2012

The sun shone and the lake was chilly, but overall everyone had a great day and went home happy!

One week ago we were concerned whether the event would be possible due to cold weather and water temperature then we were blessed with a great week and everything changed. A water temperature reading was taken on Wednesday and it looks great at 13.5-14 degrees, based on that we were all go! Saturday arrived and the Epic team swam the 3.8k course to check out the conditions and there had been a noticeable drop in temp. The strong Northern wind was creating quite a 'chop' on the lake which was washing the top foot of water along the lake and washing away with it, the 13.5-14 degrees.

The forecast for Sunday was calm and at 8:00am we hopped in to the flat waters for a test swim and even at that early hour, the sun had warmed the water.. smiles all round and we were ready to go. We decided against tradition not to run the 'head shoulders knees and toes' warm up for 500m swimmers, preferring to get them started as soon as possible. As they exited the water there were several complaints about the distinct lack of communal singing, with a few people exclaiming that they had entered largely for the singing.

For the 3.8k and 1 mile swims communal singing was very much back on the menu and the voices rang out so clearly across the lake that I momentarily considered a Britain's Got Talent entry.. 'Only Men Allowed' were great (although admittedly they were just a big choir) and the ladies who mad the final with their synchronised swimming act must also be applauded, but putting them both together?

Coniston Swim 2012 Group Shot - Featured

There are too many stories to list from the weekend and past events so I'll just pick one. Congratulations to Jeniffer Hunter, pictured front 2nd right, who overcame several significantly obstacles to enter her 1st open water swim. Unfortunately the trip from Glasgow took a little longer than expected and she missed the 500m start time. Undeterred she then swapped to the mile and completed the first 800m loop, proving the point to herself and to those supporting. That officially makes you an open water swimmer.. well done to all.

For the next instalment of our Zone 3 Epic Lakes Series we move to Derwent Water on June 17th, before the finale at Ullswater, 15th July. Don't forget the Morecambe Bay Mile Swim, August 5th. We hope to see you all there, enjoy the rest of the good weather!

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