Created On: 06 July 2012

Another exciting if wet weekend of racing awaits everyone in the UK! Lots of highlights to pick from but we're most looking forward to the Cowman which we will be attending on Sunday.

Here is the full events listing for the weekend:

Saturday 7th July:

Cleveland Steelman Triathlon  
Location  North Yorkshire | Distance  Half Iron/Middle Distance
Swim   2km | Bike  90km | Run  21km

Essex & 999 Triathlon  
Location  Essex | Distance  Olympic
Swim   1km | Bike  40km | Run  10km

Pembrokeshire Coast Triathlon  
Location  Pembrokeshire | Distance  Olympic
Swim   1.5km | Bike  43km | Run  10.2km

St Marys Summer Aquathlon 4  
Location  Wiltshire | Event Type  Aquathlon
Swim   400m | Bike  0 | Run  5km

Sussex Triathlon Festival : Olympic  
Location  West Sussex | Distance  Olympic/Standard
Swim   1.5km | Bike  40km | Run  10km

Yorkshire Triathlon: Olympic  
Location  Yorkshire | Distance  Olympic
Swim   1.5km | Bike  40km | Run  10km

Yorkshire Triathlon: Sprint  
Location  Yorkshire | Distance  Sprint
Swim   750m | Bike  20km | Run  5km

Yorkshire Triathlon: Super Sprint  
Location  Yorkshire | Distance  Super Sprint
Swim   400m | Bike  10km | Run  2.5km

Tri for a family weekend  
Distance  Sprint
Swim   400m | Bike  15km | Run  5km

Sunday 8th July:

Bournemouth International Aquathlon  
Location  Dorset | Event Type  Aquathlon
Swim   750m | Run  5km

Bournemouth International Olympic Triathlon  
Location  Dorset | Distance  Olympic
Swim   1.5km | Bike  40km | Run  10km

Bournemouth International Sprint Triathlon  
Location  Dorset | Distance  Sprint
Swim   750m | Bike  20km | Run  5km

Bustinskin Big Bay Swim: Swim 1 (Full Distance)  
Location  Dorset | Event Type  Swim
Swim   2.4 miles

Bustinskin Big Bay Swim: Swim 1 (Half Distance)  
Location  Dorset | Event Type  Swim
Swim   1.2 miles

Buxton Triathlon  
Location  Derbyshire | Distance  Sprint
Swim   400m | Bike  21km | Run  5.1km

Clevedon Marine Lake Aquathlon  
Location  Somerset | Event Type  Aquathlon
Swim   1.2km | Bike  N/A | Run  9km

Location  Buckinghamshire | Distance  Half Iron/Middle Distance
Swim   1.9km | Bike  92km | Run  21km

Foremark Hall Triathlon  
Distance  Sprint
Swim   400m | Bike  20km | Run  5km

Gosfield Lake Triathlon 
Distance  Olympic
Swim   1500m | Bike  40km | Run  10km

Newhaven Sprint Triathlon  
Location  East Sussex | Distance  Sprint
Swim   600m | Bike  17km | Run  4km

Newhaven Triathlon  
Location  East Sussex | Distance  3/4 Olympic
Swim   1.2km | Bike  34km | Run  8km

Oswestry Sprint Triathlon  
Location  Shropshire | Distance  Sprint
Swim   400m | Bike  26km | Run  5km

Plymouth Triathlon  
Location  Devon | Distance  Olympic
Swim   1.5km | Bike  42km | Run  10km

Sussex Triathlon Festival : Middle Distance  
Location  West Sussex | Distance  Middle Distance/Half Ironman
Swim   1.9km | Bike  90km | Run  20km

Sussex Triathlon Festival : Sprint  
Location  West Sussex | Distance  Sprint
Swim   750m | Bike  20km | Run  5km

Terrapin Novice Triathlon  
Location  Warwickshire | Distance  Super Sprint
Swim   500m | Bike  21km | Run  3km

Terrapin Sprint Triathlon  
Location  Warwickshire | Distance  Sprint
Swim   750m | Bike  21km | Run  5km

Terrapin Standard Triathlon  
Location  Warwickshire | Distance  Standard/Olympic
Swim   1500m | Bike  42km | Run  10km

The Bideford Triathlon  
Location  Devon | Distance  Sprint
Swim   600m | Bike  23km | Run  5km

The Cricklade Triathlon (Olympic)  
Location  Wiltshire | Distance  Sprint
Swim   1.5km | Bike  38km | Run  10km

The Cricklade Triathlon (Sprint)  
Location  Wiltshire | Distance  Sprint
Swim   400m | Bike  20km | Run  5km

The Foremark Hall Triathlon  
Location  Derbyshire | Distance  Sprint
Swim   400m | Bike  20km | Run  5km

The White Oak Triathlon  
Location  Kent | Distance  Sprint
Swim   400m | Bike  28km | Run  8km

Thorpe Sprint Southeast Series: Race 3  
Distance  Sprint
Swim   750m | Bike  20km | Run  5km

Tyne and Wear Fire Service Sprint Triathlon  
Distance  Sprint
Swim   400m | Bike  20km | Run  5km

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