Created On: 04 April 2012

Zone3, known for their high performance wetsuits, launch the £1000 MMXII

Zone3, the cutting-edge British wetsuit brand, is marking 2012 - a special year for both Zone3 and British history - by adding the World's most exclusive wetsuit to its range. The limited edition Zone3 MMXII wetsuit will retail exclusively at Harrods, or can be purchased directly from Zone3. 

There are only 100 suits available worldwide. The superior wetsuit uses the most advanced fabrics and design, engineered with every triathlete and open-water swimmers requirements in mind. It does not compromise in any area and has been designed to offer maximum speed, efficiency and comfort.

Each individual suit can be tailored to the owners exact body dimensions, ensuring the perfect fit. They are also individually numbered and named and every owner receives an exclusive invitation to an open water training event with top coaches and elite athletes. To complete the package, owners will also receive a premium MMXII transition backpack and race pack.

With its blend of Gold and Gunmetal fabric, the Zone3 MMXII will make wearers kings of the water. It combines the latest fabric technologies, including Yamamoto SCS 40 and 45. These fabrics are currently the most advanced neoprene fabrics in the World in terms of flexibility and weight and allow the wetsuit to mould perfectly around the shape of the swimmer. This will ensure a swim that feels completely natural, unrestrictive, fast and comfortable. It also has a titanium lined inner jersey fabric, which improves thermal properties and maintains blood flow to the legs. This feature will help ease that uncertain feeling legs have after a swim and on the way to T1. The Zone3 MMXII also contains Aerodome panels which have air bubbles built between the fabric layers producing up to 30 per cent more buoyancy than conventional neoprene, allowing superior buoyancy throughout the swim.

In addition, the panel design has been carefully researched and the material thickness used ensures ultimate flexibility from head to toe. The carefully balanced buoyancy ensures maximum support around the core and upper legs, without sacrificing performance. The Zone3 MMXII has an ultra-thin one-piece shoulder panel stretching from elbow to elbow which means there are no restrictions or tightness around the shoulders. The MMXII also has the much talked about Zone3 silicone coated Pro-SpeedTM cuffs, allowing removal of the wetsuit in as little as 5 seconds.

James Lock, founder of Zone3, says: "As a British brand, Zone3 wanted to develop something so unique and exciting for 2012 that it would go down in history. This is a one of a kind suit which not only has premium assets, but also reflects the passion and commitment of the Zone3 team to triathlon and its athletes. We've made sure it uses the most advanced fabrics and design, so the suit is not only exclusive, but incredibly high-performance, comfortable and stylish. It's at the cutting-edge of design.

Lock continues: "Our goal is to give triathletes and open water swimmers the most enjoyable and exhilarating open water swim possible, while helping increase that all important time both in the water and out. MMXII owners are not just buying a wetsuit; they are entering an exclusive club with all manner of additional benefits, from top coaching to training with elites."

Zone3 currently has four different wetsuits in its 2012 range: The Aspire, The Vanquish, The Vision and The MMXII. Wetsuits start from £195 and go up to £1000. The core principles behind Zone3's successful wetsuits can be seen in each products careful panel design, which includes superior flexibility around the shoulders, balance buoyancy for a natural feeling swim, Pro-speedTM cuffs for rapid removal and a distinguished British style.

The MMXII suit will be available in Harrods in the first week of April.  Alternatively, those interested can call Zone3 directly on 01483 571 434 for a consultation. More information can be seen at

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