Created On: 09 December 2011

Now that the winter is drawing in some of your training sessions are likely to get shorter as well. This is the time of year to ensure that you are focusing on the technique elements of your training. If you have reviewed your 2011 season and are planning improvements for 2012 some of this will come from improved fitness or working with a coach but you will see bigger gains by looking at your technique in each discipline.

If we start with the swim think about having a swim analysis session so that you can see your stroke and work with someone to make the necessary improvements. This will mean spending quality time in the pool doing 1 or 2 lengths of drills and then resting briefly and then going again. Remember the more you do something correctly the better.

On the bike maybe you need a bike fit to check your position; it's good to do this every year as things are constantly changing from flexibility, to power and also age. If you are in the correct position at the start of winter training all the riding you do will stand you in good stead for next year.  A bike fit should be done by an expert and will last anything up to half a day and costs vary, but it will be one of the best investments you can make

You can also consider investing in some rollers to improve pedal efficiency, (rollers are basically moving rollers that you position your bike on rather than a turbo which fixes your back wheel in), many people are afraid of using rollers as it does take some balance initially but master it and it will improve your core as well as your bike skills. 

Most people assume they can run but can they run properly? Will it allow them to get the speed they want? Work with a running expert to change your run technique so that you are able to make the most of your run fitness that you will build up over the winter. Again, like swimming this will involve doing drills and technique work as part of every run and probably running less miles which can be hard.

The key message this time of year is that if you have decided to alter your technique with the help of experts don't waste your money and simply ignore the advice. Go away do the drills, practice what you have been told and keep doing it until it's right. Don't give up after a few weeks because you aren't going as fast as this time last year, you probably won't be, but the body might be having to learn a whole new way of running or swimming. This will take time, maybe even a few months but if you stick to it and do small sessions more often it will soon get better and you will reap the rewards next year.

The above details are for your guidance; if you would like any further information Absolute Triathlon would be more than happy to help.  We can be contacted on tel.0115 9607912, e-mail:  or please visit our website at  We offer a variety of training sessions across the week from our base in Bestwood, Nottingham and are also able to work with you on an individual basis providing customised training programmes designed specifically for you, 1-2-1 sessions including swim analysis and specialist bike fitting.

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