Created On: 09 March 2011

Kim Cotton, one of the winners of a free place at this years Challenge Henley (3.8km swim, 180km bike and a 42km run) has sent us her latest update on her progress on her road to Henley…

Ok, so who fast forwarded time to make it the start of March so quickly?! Time seems to be flying by scarily fast, but things are roughly on track, or so I hope!

Running is coming along well, so that's a positive. Mainly focussing on my Brighton marathon training at the moment, and the treadmill has come in very handy since it's been so wet and the kids are on half term. Starting to build up a nice base on the bike too, ready to increase this after April. Bought the cadence sensor for the Garmin so I know how far I've gone on the turbo - another handy aid for half term and school holidays.

Still need to get down to the pool though as swimming will be the main issue. It doesn't matter how well trained I am on the bike or run if I get timed out on the swim. Don't think a couple of hours on the flumes at Butlins over the weekend will do much good, but at least it got me in the water and the desire to swim has come out of hibernation. Hopefully now I will get over whatever it is that's been blocking me from getting my backside down the leisure centre.

The kids are going to their dad's for a few days this week, so I will be able to train without worrying about having to a) answer endless questions about this, that, or the other, b) stop to work out why they can't work the Wii properly, c) make lunch or cook dinner before I get reported for child cruelty, or d) phone another mum for help when I realise I'm late for the school pick-up!

To read part 1 of Kim's road to Henley click HERE

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