Created On: 04 December 2010

This tasty smoothie provides electrolytes, fast releasing protein and carbohydrate to replenish stores in the body, plus alkalinity to balance pH post exercise. 


30g scoop of Protein Isolate Powder (eg My Protein's Impact Whey Isolate)

1 banana or ½ mango or 1/3  pineapple

75ml fruit juice & 75ml cup water (add more liquid if you prefer a runnier smoothie)

1 pinch high quality sea-salt (eg Malden)

2 large handfuls of fresh spinach or 1 level tsp of chlorella or green food powder


Add softest fruit and liquid first, so that the leaves end up furthest away from blade, and blend.

Why it's so effective:

Protein isolate releases into the muscles quickly, helping to repair after exercise.  Glycogen replenishment is vital so the fruit and fruit juice is ideal and delicious!  Exercise creates acidity in the blood, so spinach makes this drink super alkaline to rebalance the body's pH, and the combination is surprisingly tasty.  Since sodium is the greatest requirement of the electrolytes following a sweaty session, a pinch of sea salt complements the smoothie perfectly. 

About the author:

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  • Abby Harman is a qualified nutritional therapist with both a science-based and holistic background. 
  • Abby specialises in sport, working with her patients to optimise their peformance by identifying and treating physical imbalances that hold them back from achieving their full potential.  
  • Living in the Lake District, Abby works predominantly with high profile athletes in the North - climbers, runners, cyclists and triathletes. See testimonials on website.
  • Provides expert nutritional advice to MyTriCoach clients
  • Co-founder of Body Co. - a combination of coaching, training and nutrition for elite athletes 

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